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Rental and Fees






When members of Duluth Congregational Church use the building for family events there will be NO fees assessed for use of any part of the building.  Members ARE required to clear requested use of the building with the master calendar by discussion with the Office Administrator.  Donations for use of the facility are appreciated.

Members will be charged for the costs of custodial services related to set up and clean up (return to original condition) of that part of the building utilized.



Request for building use must begin by identifying possible dates as clear on the master calendar by discussion with Office Administrator and completion of a form provided by the church indicating intended use, dates, etc.  A $100 deposit will secure the reservation and is NOT refundable.  These reservations must be made through the church office, 218-525-1911. All deposits apply directly to fee assessments and payment in full is expected one week prior to the event.  All payment is to be made payable to Duluth Congregational Church and mailed to the Church at 3833 East Superior Street, Duluth, MN  55804.

Church entry and closure will be determined with the individual making arrangements for Church use.

Alcohol service/use is permitted by a licensed catering service only.  Proof of licensure must be provided.

For weddings, Pastor and organist/pianist will set their own fees in advance with the couple or their spokesperson.


Sanctuary (seats +250)                                                                                       $300

(for major events this includes limited use of other building areas such as

Wilcox Hall and the Lounge for dressing room and bathroom facilities)                                                                                                

Wilcox Hall (groups of 50 or more)                                                                  250     


Wilcox Hall (groups smaller than 50)                                                             150


Sanctuary and Wilcox Hall (major event)                                                     500


Sanctuary and Lounge                                                                                          400


Lounge (groups of 15 or less and using the lounge kitchen)                       35


Kitchen (for catered events)                                                                                 150

Kitchen rental is limited to licensed caterers, for which all supplies including dishes, cups and utensils are provided by the caterer.  Kitchen appliances are for use by members only, with the pre-arranged exception of the coffee/tea machine.  There is no separate charge for use of the coffee/tea machine if the kitchen has been rented.  Coffee and tea are not provided.



Use of the building is encouraged by non profit or community groups.  Again, all requests must be cleared with the Office Administrator in consultation with the master calendar.  For non profits, usage fees may be waived, but a minimum donation of $25 is requested to offset costs of opening/closing the building, custodial services, utilities, etc.

Donations by ad hoc community groups is appreciated to cover the costs of opening/closing the building, custodial services, utilities, etc.



Ongoing use of the building is welcomed with permission granted by the Church Council.

Requests for ongoing use are to be made by using the form provided by the Church and addressed to the Church Council.  Charges, conditions, and appropriate use will be negotiated by the Church Council or by the Church Moderator.  The Church will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.  Entry and closure arrangements will be made on an individual basis.

-All use of the building must be authorized by the Church Council or if not available in a timely manner, by one of the Church Officers (Moderator, Vice Moderator, Treasurer or Clerk).



Requests must be cleared with the Church Calendar by calling the Office Administrator at 218-525-1911.  Only the front lot is available for rent.  The space behind the church is not rented.  Payment should be sent to Duluth Congregational Church, 3833 East Superior Street, Duluth, MN  55804.  Space may be limited based on church usage for the day requested.  Insurance, as required by the building’s carrier must be provided prior to use.

All cars parked without authorization by the Office Administrator will be towed.

Lot use charge:

            Employee only parking by Northland Country Club: $25/per day

            Public Parking by Northland or others:  $100 per day



-The Church reserves the right to terminate use by any group with or without cause.

-All parties using the church are expected to clean up after each use leaving the premises as found.  Trash and recyclables should be placed in appropriate receptacles as provided by the church and tables and counters should be wiped clean.

-Members and non-members who wish the involvement of the Pastor or the Music Director/Organist must arrange compensation with them directly.  All use of music for special occasions requires prior approval by the Music Director and/or the Pastor.

-The Moderator has the right to negotiate fees which differ from the above if specific circumstances require such.

-Those using the parking lot are expected to treat the lot and grounds with respect.




Names of Organization /Individual Using Church and/or Grounds



Address ________________________________________________________________



Phone # _________________________Cell Phone # _____________________________


E-mail Address ___________________________________________________________


Person Responsible:

Name __________________________________________________________________


Phone #  day _______________________________ evening ______________________


Cell Phone # _________________E-Mail  _____________________________________


Is this a non-profit organization(501c3)?     _____Yes    ____No


Describe purpose for use request including number of participants:





Date(s) Requested: ________________________________________________________

If ongoing use, indicated schedule, e.g. 4th Monday of each month



Time(s) of Use: __________________________________________________________


Space Required:  circle space(s) required:  Sanctuary, Lounge, Wilcox Hall (downstairs),

Kitchen (catered events only), Sunday school classrooms, Parking (front lots only),

Other- list ______________________________________________________________


Describe any special requirements: ___________________________________________




This Release and Indemnity Agreement is between the organization or individual named above and Duluth Congregational Church (for the use of the property described above for meeting and other activities.)


NOW, THEREFORE in consideration of the Duluth Congregational Church permitted the organization or individual (s) to use the property described herein, the organization or individuals(s) agree(s) as follows:


1.  Organization or individuals(s) hereby indemnify, hold harmless, releases, and discharges Duluth Congregational Church’s administrator, directors, agents, officers, members, volunteers, and/or employees, from any and all liability, claims, demands, losses or damages arising out of the use of the property.


2.  Organization or individuals(s) hereby agree to abide by the rules put forth in this document.


Acceptance of Responsibility


I/We agree to be responsible for the conduct of those coming to or participating in the activity for which this application is being made, and for any damage beyond normal wear and tear which may occur as a result of this activity.


I/We will remove all signs posted by my/our group after the meeting has ended.


I/We further agree that the church property will be used in accordance with any Rules and Regulations of the congregation we are given.


I/We hereby consent to the Release and Indemnity Agreement.


Certification of Insurance may be required.  Non-Church groups may be required to provide certificates of insurance naming Duluth Congregational Church as additional insured.  If required, a certificate must be turned in to the church office at least one week before the first use. 


Name of Organization or Individual: _________________________________________


Signature of Responsible Party: _____________________________________________


Print Name/Title: ________________________________________________________


Date: __________________________________________________________________